Felted iPhone Sleeves & Recycled Aluminum iPhone Cases

Graf & Lantz felted iPhone Sleeves and RuMe recycled aluminum iPhone cases

Yes, there are a lot of accessories for Smartphones out there. The felted wool sleeves from Graf & Lantz keep your phone safe from breakage, provide a waterproof layer and become the small version of a purse, holding IDs as well as your phone. These felted sleeves come in a beautiful variety of hues, as well. RuMe has created a fun line of iPhone cases made from recycled aluminum, that fit on the back of your phone, adding fun graphics and protection at the same time.

“Traditionally made with wool, felt is considered to be the world’s oldest fabric. Although these days there are mainly synthetic fiber felts on the market there are still a handful of mostly European producers left that specialize in high quality wool felt. We import our custom felts from Germany which has a rich history of felt manufacturing that continues today. The felts we use are made of merino wool which is prized for its ultra fine fibers and soft feel. The natural oil content of the wool makes our felt stain and water resistant. Best of all wool felt is a natural, sustainable and biodegradable material.”

“RuMe is all about providing you with smart, stylish products you can reUse again and again; and our rCase Recycled Aluminum iPhone cases are no exception. Designed with our iconic patterns you can protect your iPhone in quintessential RuMe style. Each rCase is printed by hand right here in Denver, and top quality from start to finish is guaranteed.”


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