Compostable Paper Straws from Kikkerland








We love all the irreverent and fun things from Kikkerland but one of their best selling items are their compostable paper straws. Perfect for parties and holiday get togethers, they can be thrown in your compost or garden rather than being thrown in the landfill. And, they come in a box of 144. Let’s party!


Best Selling Books From Whole Life Press

We are so very pleased and fortunate to have Tom Malterre and Ali Segersten in our Co-op community! Not only do they teach classes and provide nutritional counseling but they have also written two books that continue to be best sellers at both Co-ops.

“The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook is not only a cookbook, but a user-friendly guide to eating and preparing whole, nutritious foods. With 250 recipes and nearly 80 pages of organized information about whole foods, food sensitivities, organics, cooking equipment and more, this book is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being and put healthy family-friendly meals onto the table.”

Printed in the USA on FSC-certified paper using a Green Printing Company!

Recipes include:
Cinnamon Spiced Granola, Buckwheat Pancakes, Quinoa Zucchini Bread, Peachy Millet Flour Muffins, Rosemary Olive Dinner Rolls, Vegetarian Chipotle Chili, Apple Spiced Collard Greens, Berry Hazelnut Salad with Honey Poppy Seed Vinaigrette, Raw Sauerkraut, Thai Fried Rice, Coconut Quinoa Pilaf, Cuban Black Bean Stew with Avocado Salsa, Sunny Sunflower Seed Burgers, Poached Halibut with Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs, Indian Chicken Curry, Gingerbread Cake with Maple Cashew Sauce, Pumpkin Pudding, and Blueberry Fruit Pie with a Raw Nut Crust.

The Appendix includes: The 28-Day Elimination and Detoxification Diet, A Schedule for Introducing Solid Foods to Infants, and a Quick Recipe Reference Guide.

Just published last month, their new book, Nourishing Meals:

Nourishing Meals Cookbook

Nutrition for the Whole family.

Raise healthy Children. You’ll learn what nutrients are key for proper growth and development both in childhood and in utero, why going gluten-free can help solve mysterious health ailments, why removing processed foods from your diet and eating whole foods can benefit your health; as well as the causes behind the rise in food allergies and what to do about it.

Pick up your copies today!

Fresh New Tees From Innate & Slow Loris!


INNATE’s roots grow from the conviction that each and every human is a beautiful, unique, and invaluable member of their community’s infrastructure and should be celebrated by all means.

We are a group of like-minded humans who prescribe to individuality, imagination, and collaboration.

INNATE intends to serve as a conduit to spread the message of peace, positivity and purpose while promoting creative, healthy lifestyles through a fusion of art, music, and fashion.


INNATE is a community-oriented, design-driven lifestyle brand serving as a platform for various subcultures to come together in the name of art and a passion for a healthy and creative way of life. Inspired by the absence of a hub amongst an abundance of creativity in it’s original town of Bellingham, WA, INNATE was started with the intention of combining these cultural driving forces into one synergistic platform for various subcultures to communicate, create, and share their passions.

Employing the t-shirt as its messenger, INNATE works with various artists, upcoming and established, to create potent imagery and positive propaganda for the masses.



Slow Loris came to life in Oakland, California in the spring of 1997. Inside a very small storage room in the basement garage of an old cannery building, the very first t-shirts were printed. After graduating from CCAC in 1998, Slow Loris founder Jessica Lynch left Oakland and returned home to Washington state. Re-locating to Guemes island, Slow Loris continued to thrive, screen printing drawings onto t-shirts, paper and clothing for people around the world, and for touring bands like TV on the Radio, My Brightest Diamond, Karl Blau and The Lonely Forest.

While keeping true to the hand made quality (no computers are ever used for design making) Jessica had her “hands” full and in 2007 teamed up with good friend Arlo Rumpff. Arlo had been a fisherman in the Bering sea, and brought his hard working enthusiasm to Slow Loris just in time. Jessica taught him how to screen print, (he’s better than her now) models most of the shirts on the web site, and deals with a lot of the business side of Slow Loris, a part of the job Jessica was NEVER good at. Team Slow was now complete.

Any average workday consists of drawing, singing, and printing in our solar powered studio, as well as beach walks with a bunch of dogs. There’s also a pig named Marnie-biddles who likes to observe through the windows and get into things. The adopted motto “feeling strong and not in a hurry” reflects the pride Team Slow feels standing behind a quality hand made product for the past thirteen years.


New Cards From Ginger Oppenheimer

Former Co-op employee and all around travel photographer Ginger Oppenheimer has created a series of beautiful cards from her Hipstamatic prints. Lush with color and texture, Ginger has an eye for the unexpected beauty in every day life. Now we can all own a little piece of her travels with these cards.

Co-op Branded Shopping Bags From Envirosax!

Co-op Bags with original artwork by our own Habiba Sial

We are so pleased to offer our exciting new Co-op graphic, created by our in house design team, on the Greengrocer bags from Envirosax! Available in five beautiful Fall colors, these bags hold up to 44 pounds. They roll up to a compact size that fits in your purse or into other bags, making them easy to remember and store. The bag itself is fully machine washable and won’t fade. Weighing in at 1.4 oz and fitting in the palm of your hand when rolled up, they are a great alternative to single use plastic bags.

“Envirosax is proud to help protect the environment for tomorrow’s generation by providing an eco-friendly alternative to disposable shopping bags that have caused so much damage to the environment worldwide. Envirosax bags are lightweight, portable, waterproof and each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags thanks to reinforced seams.

We believe in environmental sustainability. Plastic bags clog drains and cause flooding. They pollute rivers and streams, killing animals and destroying plantlife. They take years to photodegrade and have a very short life span.”

Pick up a few today and show off your Co-op pride in style!

Envirosax Bags Are:

  • Tested for strength & safety
  • Super strong, holds 44lbs
  • Fully washable – won’t fade
  • Super convenient & water-resistant

Calendars Are Here!

We get our calendars from Small Changes, a Seattle based distributor.

It’s that time of year again…Fall is here and soon the holidays will be upon us. Give a calendar as a beautiful holiday gift or simply get ready for the new year with some of the great calendars we have. Fine art calendars, nature calendars, kids’ calendars, you name it, we’ve got you covered. Some favorites from past years that are available: