Season’s Gleaning Cards for Every Occasion

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“While growing up, my mother never had to coax me to clean my plate. Never a picky eater, I was BORN loving food!
I’m particularly fond of all types of fresh produce; whether growing it, preparing it, sharing it, eating it or photographing it; I am unabashedly obsessed with garden and farm grown food!
I’ve grown much of our own food for over 30 years, and worked on several organic farms in Whatcom County in Northwest Washington state for the past 15.
A slight detour from farming during those years led me to start a local gleaning effort,which turned into Small Potatoes Gleaning Project, which I ran for about 8 years, after which it became a program of the Bellingham Food Bank. This combination of experiences inspired me to create unique card designs using fruits and veggies to spell out messages for all occasions.
Season’s Gleanings cards are inspired by the vibrant diversity of crops that grow in Whatcom county in northwest Washington state.
Designs are created using fruits, vegetables, and other gathered plants from forest edge to river bank, then photographed to make cards that bring delight to young and old, for any occasion, all year round! I use the greenest materials I can find, including 100% green energy in our home office where my cards are made, and strive to use as many local services as possible in the production of my cards.
The messages of Season’s Gleanings cards are enduring, and made with joy and a deep reverence for the planet that sustains us, along with the hope that cards will be kept or shared for years of continued enjoyment. Season’s Gleanings is committed to food justice and donates a percentage of profits to local projects working to strengthen our food system so that all may be nourished.”

Longtime Co-op member and farmer Rio Thomas creates these magical cards from fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs… you name it. They are completely original and a wonderful way to celebrate the bounty of Whatcom County. A lot of thought and time goes into each image and they are always a favorite at the Co-op.


Welcome Sown Designs!



Local designer and maker of Sown Designs, Shelby Sneva, has been continuously improving her craft and expanding her upcycled leather goods for over 9 years. Her one of a kind, beautiful wallets and cuffs are now available at the Co-op.

“Sown Designs’ fine leather accessories are handmade in Bellingham, Washington. As an artist and designer, I draw inspiration from my affinity of nature, fashion and fine art. Sown Designs’ accessories include wallets, cuffs, clutches, shoulder bags, and earrings, and are made from 100% reclaimed leather. All of my products are unique and each piece receives the utmost attention to quality and detail.

When I was 6, my Nanna gave me an old Singer sewing machine. I always thought it was the most fantastic hunk of metal, gears and knobs! I fumbled around on that machine for several years, making outfits and teaching myself to be a crafty little stitcher. My mom passed along some leather samples from her furniture store and this was the beginning of my small business (9 years ago). I have put a focus on getting myself involved in my community by participating in local fundraisers, artwalks, craft fairs and wholesale sales to hip stores within the beautiful Northwest. It is always flattering to see my leather goods on lovely ears, wrists and shoulders of people all along the Pacific Coast (and around the World, thanks to etsy!). It is my priority to connect with suppliers/buyers that also appreciate the effort, quality and uniqueness of handmade pieces. Being conscious of connections to local resources and the environment are ideals that will always be important to me.”

Tubtrugs Are Back!










Made in Spain. Loved worldwide.

“Since the dawn of time the human race has always had a need for stuff, and a means to carry that stuff around. Over the millenniums various container styles were developed, from earthen bowls to wooden dugouts to modern steel and plastic containers. All functional, but still lacking. Until now. Behold the pinnacle of container design— Tubtrugs®! Not only can a Tubtrug® do anything its predecessors can, it does so much more. Its flexible design, super-sturdy construction and range of sizes make it arguably the most usefool tool in the world. Tubtrugs®—Use Them For Everything!

Used by professionals the World over, Tubtrugs® are build to last—two extremely strong handles and flexible body make handling a Tubtrug® much easier than any average bucket or tub.


  • Frost & UV resistant
  • Super-strong handles
  • Tubtrugs® come in a massive range of sizes and colors
  • Flexible yet very, very strong
  • Tubtrugs® Original are made from 100% Food Grade plastic
  • Tubtrugs® are suitable for everyone!”

Often imitated but not the same, Tubtrugs will be back this year. Look for them in the foyer with the gardening books and seeds. There are new sizes and still thousands of ways to use Tubtrugs.

New Stainless Steel from Onyx



We are very excited to introduce Onyx, created and designed by Vancouver, B.C. mom, Carolyn Cameron. Her items are usefully and beautifully designed, while not breaking the bank. Stainless steel is safe and lasts for generations.



“We believe that everyone should be able to buy safe and environmentally responsible products without breaking the bank. We spent a great deal of time researching plastic alternatives and found that the few choices out there are either low quality or hugely marked up. The products that we carry are of the highest quality, manufactured in responsible conditions and are very fairly priced.

We use all of the products that we sell ourselves. We have found that high quality food grade stainless steel is the best option for fluid bottles, sealable containers, cups, bowls etc. for it’s durability, food safety and versatility.”

Gardening & Urban Homesteading Books from Storey

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                                                                                                                                            One of the best parts of turning the new year is looking forward to putting seeds in the ground and shifting towards being outside, working in the garden. Storey Publishing has been providing us with great gardening books and wonderful urban homesteading guides for 5 years now. These books make it easy and inspiring to start a new project, maybe take on raising chickens, or just update your existing garden plan.

“For 25 years, Storey Publishing has helped millions of independent readers enjoy simpler, more satisfying lives.

Through an array of how-to books, Storey arms readers with practical skills and inspiration on a range of do-it-yourself topics: gardening, cooking, knitting and other crafts, backyard building, animal care, farming, and home improvement.

Storey is at the center of a vast revival of do-it-yourself lifestyles, a movement that has been fueled by an awareness of environmental responsibility, an appetite for the homegrown and locally raised, an appreciation for one-of-a-kind items, and a passion for nature. Whether picking up a needle and thread for the first time, or nurturing a decades-old passion for horses, readers know that they can turn to Storey for no-nonsense advice and new ideas — every time.”

Fair Trade Baskets from Ghana

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“Baskets of Africa was founded in 2002 by Cael Chappell. Cael started working in African Art and Crafts in 1991 and fell in love with the incredible artistry and creativity of African basket weavers. This led to the creation of Baskets of Africa in order to focus attention on these amazing weavers and their work. He has been dedicated to the principles of Fair Trade throughout his career in Africa, so when he started Baskets of Africa, joining the Fair Trade Federation in 2003 was a natural fit.

Baskets of Africa always operates in an environment of mutual trust and respect with the weavers and craft co-ops we represent.

We feel that our business offers our customers a win-win situation: by purchasing one of our rare finds, you are not only getting a wonderful, handmade basket for your home or business, you are also contributing to the preservation of African culture and helping a craftsperson become financially independent. It’s a true economic partnership in every sense of the word.”

The Co-op has been carrying these baskets from Ghana for over 4 years and they continue to be beautiful and one of a kind.