Season’s Gleaning Cards for Every Occasion

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“While growing up, my mother never had to coax me to clean my plate. Never a picky eater, I was BORN loving food!
I’m particularly fond of all types of fresh produce; whether growing it, preparing it, sharing it, eating it or photographing it; I am unabashedly obsessed with garden and farm grown food!
I’ve grown much of our own food for over 30 years, and worked on several organic farms in Whatcom County in Northwest Washington state for the past 15.
A slight detour from farming during those years led me to start a local gleaning effort,which turned into Small Potatoes Gleaning Project, which I ran for about 8 years, after which it became a program of the Bellingham Food Bank. This combination of experiences inspired me to create unique card designs using fruits and veggies to spell out messages for all occasions.
Season’s Gleanings cards are inspired by the vibrant diversity of crops that grow in Whatcom county in northwest Washington state.
Designs are created using fruits, vegetables, and other gathered plants from forest edge to river bank, then photographed to make cards that bring delight to young and old, for any occasion, all year round! I use the greenest materials I can find, including 100% green energy in our home office where my cards are made, and strive to use as many local services as possible in the production of my cards.
The messages of Season’s Gleanings cards are enduring, and made with joy and a deep reverence for the planet that sustains us, along with the hope that cards will be kept or shared for years of continued enjoyment. Season’s Gleanings is committed to food justice and donates a percentage of profits to local projects working to strengthen our food system so that all may be nourished.”

Longtime Co-op member and farmer Rio Thomas creates these magical cards from fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs… you name it. They are completely original and a wonderful way to celebrate the bounty of Whatcom County. A lot of thought and time goes into each image and they are always a favorite at the Co-op.


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