Organic Cotton Underwear & Socks from PACT









Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed/treated crops there is. Most commercial underwear is made from cotton treated with chemicals, then bleached. We believe it’s important to offer an alternative that is also doing something to give back to the community. That’s where San Francisco based company PACT comes in:


    Our socks are made with organic yarns at an eco-concept factory in Turkey powered by wind energy. The cotton for our underwear and T-shirts comes from a single organic cotton project and every facility PACT goes through is GOTS certified by the Control Union. At PACT, we are serious about “good” clothes.


    We searched the world for a network of factories committed to making organic clothing in sweat-shop-free facilities. And we visit every facility multiple times a year to ensure that you not only feel good in PACT but feel good about where PACT came from.


    All PACT packaging is printed with vegetable based inks on paper made from FSC controlled wood in a factory powered by wind energy and the carbon impact is off-set by Climate Partner..

    pact packaging


Tovolo Popsicle Molds for Hot Days & Cool Treats!

Tovolo’s fun and useful pop molds are made from BPA free plastic and are the perfect way to stay cool this summer. Freeze fruit, smoothies, yogurt, fresh juices or something for the adults…any way you look at it, these are a must have item for summer. Going fast, so get yours! twin pop molds rocket pops

Dsenyo Fairly Traded Textiles

apron napkins potholder

We are pleased to introduce Dsenyo, a new fair trade line from Malawi. From their website:

Dsenyo, a growing company in the ethical fashion industry, aspires to empower a generation of African women and artisans eager to address the challenges facing their communities.

Dsenyo makes every effort to use low-impact dyes and sustainable fibers like jute, hemp and organic cotton where possible. We reduce waste by composting organic scrap material, and we re-purpose textile remnants for use in other products.

Where is Malawi?

Malawi is a small, densely populated country in Central Africa.  It is located at the southern tip of the Great Rift Valley and is bordered by Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania.  Some facts about Malawi:

  • 14 million people
  • 14% of the population living with HIV/AIDS
  • Life expectancy only 43 yrs
  • 80% of the population live as subsistence farmers
  • Multi-party democracy since 1994
  • Former British protectorate (not colony)
  • National languages are Chichewa and English
  • 1 in 10 children are expected to die under the age of 5
  • Women have six children on average
  • Malaria is still the #1 cause of death
  • Only 50% of females are literate compared to 76% of males

Hope is written all over Malawi

  • Fair Trade offers a real opportunity for marginalized people to get access to resources and viable markets
  • Malawian women are creative, extremely hard working and eager to learn new skills
  • Gender equality is making progress (Malawi has a female Vice President along with several female Members of Parliament)
  • Awareness about how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and how to prevent infection is increasing
  • Knowledge about family planning is improving
  • Families increasingly value education for their daughters, wanting to send them to school and are only limited by lack of financial resource

New Bowls From Fuji Corporation

new bowlsWe just got a whole new crop of beautiful Japanese bowls from Fuji Corporation. These bowls are microwavable and dishwasher safe and come in a variety of designs and colorways. Most retail for under $6, making them not only a wonderful addition to your cupboard, but also a screaming deal. Take a look and pick one up the next time you’re at the Cordata store.

Exciting & Useful Everyday Products from Full Circle

dish rack lem bottle tater brush veg ring

“A life cycle. Every product in our homes has one—from a scrub brush to a sponge. They’re designed and manufactured, serve out their purpose, get old and are thrown away. In the US alone, if one scrub brush per household gets thrown out every year, that’s about 120 million brushes ending up in the garbage.

Yes, you read that correctly—120 million.

And most of them are plastic (petroleum-based plastic) which means it takes about 1000 years before they start to break down.

Yes, you also read that correctly—1000 years.

But what if there was a scrub brush made from sustainable, biodegradable materials? One that would eventually break back down into those same biodegradable materials? And what if it was made in a factory with great working conditions and higher environmental standards? And what if it was ergonomic, worked great, and looked terrific in your home?

Well, that’s pretty much the thinking behind Full Circle.

You will notice on our packaging that we say “Sustainable. Made in China.” Many might think these two things are mutually exclusive, but that is up to the manufacturer. We look at the environmental and social practices of our factories to ensure they are up to standards. And more importantly, we are on the ground making sure they keep up those standards. Want some examples? We thought you’d never ask….

– Full Circle sources raw materials close to where all of the processes and packaging is done to minimize transportation.

– We ensure scraps and waste materials are recycled.

– We use recycled and FSC certified paper for our marketing materials and packaging

– We audit our factories according to the following: fair labor practices, health & safety, compensation & work hours, environmental conditions including air and water, as well as waste disposal.

We’re not perfect and do not claim to be, but we do closely monitor the environmental and social impact of our products. We look forward to expanding our initiatives and welcome comments or suggestions.”

The design, usability and affordability of Full Circle products makes them a store favorite!


Indoor/Outdoor Mats from Jellybean

jellybean rugsThe Jellybean Collection is a fun assortment of handmade indoor/outdoor rugs. The bright colors and adorable patterns greet visitors with a cheerful welcome. Rugs are machine washable so they are easy to clean. Made of 35% recycled material so they are also environmentally friendly. Enjoy these rugs on your porch, patio, deck or any room in your home. They have been a huge seller and we can barely keep them in stock. Perfect summer time gift!

Fair Trade African Jewelry from East Africa Company

B-Faso $2.00 ea (min 50) Recycled plastic bangles $0.30ea (200 min) Telephone wire rings.  $1.25 ea.   Min 100.

“Steve Parks travels throughout Africa, creating Fair Trade opportunities that help support education and feeding of children in Mali, Kenya and other countries. The designs are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good, knowing you are helping the Earth as well as the artisans who made the pieces.”

I originally found these beautiful pieces at the Seattle Art Museum’s gift shop (or SAM Shop). I bought a few and was rewarded with lots of compliments and interest so I got in touch with the SAM Shop buyer, who told me about Steve Parks and the work he does in Africa. It is important to note that not only are these pieces beautiful and one of a kind, but they are also, in may cases, the only source of income for the people making them. The colors, designs and ingenuity in taking discarded materials and turning them into something beautiful are, to me, quintessentially African and we are happy to support them.