Organic Cotton Underwear & Socks from PACT









Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed/treated crops there is. Most commercial underwear is made from cotton treated with chemicals, then bleached. We believe it’s important to offer an alternative that is also doing something to give back to the community. That’s where San Francisco based company PACT comes in:


    Our socks are made with organic yarns at an eco-concept factory in Turkey powered by wind energy. The cotton for our underwear and T-shirts comes from a single organic cotton project and every facility PACT goes through is GOTS certified by the Control Union. At PACT, we are serious about “good” clothes.


    We searched the world for a network of factories committed to making organic clothing in sweat-shop-free facilities. And we visit every facility multiple times a year to ensure that you not only feel good in PACT but feel good about where PACT came from.


    All PACT packaging is printed with vegetable based inks on paper made from FSC controlled wood in a factory powered by wind energy and the carbon impact is off-set by Climate Partner..

    pact packaging


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