Fun, fun, fun! new socks from Happy Socks

HS2 HS3 HS4“Happy Socks are manufactured in Turkey at a family-owned factory that have been in the business for more than 30 years. Happy Sock tights are manufactured in Italy, where production is renowned for its high quality. Some specific items and collaborations are also produced across the world in various locations. The factories maintain respectful working environments in accordance with International Labour Laws and Standards, and are visited frequently. Most socks are unisex, made from combed cotton.

In a traditional world of black, grey, and blue dress socks, fashion socks stand out from the crowd, displaying a more creative look. Checked, striped, dotted, or any other design you can think of, these socks can be worn in accompaniment with dress shoes, sneakers, or even a tuxedo in formal wear. Fashion socks are also perfectly at home in casual wear, adding a piece of colourful flare to blue jeans and a T-shirt.”


New from Cuppow: BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor


  • ┬áBNTO (ben-toh) is Cuppow’s newest canning jar adapter for bringing food with you on the go! They took inspiration from Japanese bento boxes and created a conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a champ.
  • Made from BPA/BPS-free rigid plastic. Reusable and dishwasher safe.
  • Product and Packaging made in the USA, from 100% recycled materials.
  • 6-ounce BNTO lunchbox adaptor for use with a wide mouth canning jar (We sell single wide mouth jars-pint or quart-separately).

Vinyl Record Bead Necklaces from Mali

heishi 2 heishi beads 1These great trade beads are called “Vulcanic” because they were made from vulcanized rubber. At one time early disc music records were made from vulcanized rubber (this was in the 1800’s). This is why these are referred to as Vinyl Record Beads. These heishi (pronounced “hee-shee”) are hard, like a record album. They are vintage, and hail from Mali. Women wear them around their waist, to help them hold their shape. Each strand can contain thousands of these thin discs, usually strung on twine through a pinpoint hole in the center of the bead. There is really a lot of work that goes into these and the colors are vibrant and playful. They are really unique pieces and we are pleased to be able to offer them to our customers. We are getting them from Woman Shops World on etsy and she says that, “10% of all sales will be donated to V-Day, a global activist organization dedicated to ending violence against women and girls.”