Fun, fun, fun! new socks from Happy Socks

HS2 HS3 HS4“Happy Socks are manufactured in Turkey at a family-owned factory that have been in the business for more than 30 years. Happy Sock tights are manufactured in Italy, where production is renowned for its high quality. Some specific items and collaborations are also produced across the world in various locations. The factories maintain respectful working environments in accordance with International Labour Laws and Standards, and are visited frequently. Most socks are unisex, made from combed cotton.

In a traditional world of black, grey, and blue dress socks, fashion socks stand out from the crowd, displaying a more creative look. Checked, striped, dotted, or any other design you can think of, these socks can be worn in accompaniment with dress shoes, sneakers, or even a tuxedo in formal wear. Fashion socks are also perfectly at home in casual wear, adding a piece of colourful flare to blue jeans and a T-shirt.”


Sweet Marcel Socks Coming Soon!

Sweet Marcel 1 Sweet Marcel 2 Sweet Marcel 3 Sweet Marcel 4Sweet Marcel 5We are very excited to be bringing in a new sock line, Sweet Marcel. These socks are all made from hand drawn designs, so each style is truly one of a kind. They are a cotton blend and the knee high socks are all made in the USA. Other styles are made in a family owned, ethically certified mill in Central Turkey. You can see the hand steaming technique in the photo below. Sweet Marcel even carries knee highs for children and each pair comes on a tiny vintage hanger. It was hard to narrow down the choices because each sock is so beautiful! Make sure to check them out, they should arrive by May 15th. at the Cordata store.