Welcome Sown Designs!



Local designer and maker of Sown Designs, Shelby Sneva, has been continuously improving her craft and expanding her upcycled leather goods for over 9 years. Her one of a kind, beautiful wallets and cuffs are now available at the Co-op.

“Sown Designs’ fine leather accessories are handmade in Bellingham, Washington. As an artist and designer, I draw inspiration from my affinity of nature, fashion and fine art. Sown Designs’ accessories include wallets, cuffs, clutches, shoulder bags, and earrings, and are made from 100% reclaimed leather. All of my products are unique and each piece receives the utmost attention to quality and detail.

When I was 6, my Nanna gave me an old Singer sewing machine. I always thought it was the most fantastic hunk of metal, gears and knobs! I fumbled around on that machine for several years, making outfits and teaching myself to be a crafty little stitcher. My mom passed along some leather samples from her furniture store and this was the beginning of my small business (9 years ago). I have put a focus on getting myself involved in my community by participating in local fundraisers, artwalks, craft fairs and wholesale sales to hip stores within the beautiful Northwest. It is always flattering to see my leather goods on lovely ears, wrists and shoulders of people all along the Pacific Coast (and around the World, thanks to etsy!). It is my priority to connect with suppliers/buyers that also appreciate the effort, quality and uniqueness of handmade pieces. Being conscious of connections to local resources and the environment are ideals that will always be important to me.”