New T-Shirts from Fluffy Co.

fluffyco t1 fluffyco t2

“FluffyCo is a medley of individuals who produce sustainable and design-driven products out of a blue painted loft in San Francisco’s Mission District.

With humble beginnings in 2005 we have since flourished but remained true to our philosophy. FluffyCo’s wish is to provide sustainable products that are all fabricated in the USA. FluffyCo can be found in over 300 US and worldwide retailers including small boutiques and retail giants like Modcloth. FluffyCo can also be found through our own online store, where we offer a full range of our products. Fresh designs can be found every Spring and Fall and are often nature inspired with an urban twist.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with small and family-owned businesses to complete the production line. We always consider the environmental aspects of design, using minimal packaging, local production, water based inks (as opposed to plastic based), and often use eco + organic materials. All that and we still offer our products at an affordable price.

What Makes FluffyCo Special We are a small business that is environmentally conscious and design oriented. Not always following trends, but taking the road less traveled. We are quirky and wild with a thirst for innovation and resourcefulness.”